Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)

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Director - Andrew Donoho
Creative Director - Sub Urban
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Executive Producer - Valerie Bush
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Manager, Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Manager - Julio Mata Jr.
Label - Warner Records
VP of Creative Services - Devin Sarno
SVP of A\u0026R - Stefan Max
Bella's MGMT - Aryan Mahyar, Danny K. \u0026 Francisco Montiel
Dina \u0026 Rakhim's MGMT: Edmon Mario
Director Rep - Doug Klinger
Director of Photography - Htat Htut
1st AC - Noah Ramos
Steadicam - Brian Sergott
1st AD - Julia Zsolnay
Editor - Andre “Dre” Jones / Sunset Edit
Colorist - Joseph Bicknell
VFX - Denhov Visuals
Deep Fake - Shamook
Paint - Purple Patch
Rotoscoping - Kalp Media Works
Choreography: Monika Smith
Production Designer: Tyler Evans

This ain’t Build a B*tch
You don’t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ain’t Build a B*tch
I’m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

Bob the Builder broke my heart
Told me I need fixing
Said that I’m just nuts and bolts
Lot of parts were missing
Curvy like a cursive font
Virgin and a vixen
That’s the kind of girl he wants
But he forgot

This ain’t Build a B*tch
You don’t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ain’t Build a B*tch
I’m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

(La la la)

Boys are always playing dolls
Looking for the Barbie
They don’t look like Ken at all
Hardly have a heart beat
Need someone who falls apart
So he can play prince charming
If that’s the kind of girl he wants
Then he forgot

This ain’t Build a B*tch
You don’t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ain’t Build a B*tch
I’m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

(La la la)
(La la la)

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