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  • ع٦ على هذا الموضوع في المنتديات العامه منتديات كل ٣تبهينببهببخهبتققعقههههههههههههللللخقهل. للعبعبعپلدد فكقخبخبففخى٦ةا٥ في هذا العشق بل هو احتراماً في ان واحد على الأقل لا تستطيع اضافه ١قت😍🤭🤗

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  • the girl loves him and then does not love him cause he broke her btus

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  • L love that how the creepy girl say so un great of

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  • L love that how the creepy girl say so on great of

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  • This is not the worst thing I have ever watched but it's definitely up there.

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  • He’s the type of person to ask Dababy What his Rapper name is

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  • Me looking at this vid:hahhaahhaahhaah The ghost in the TV is the funniest for me lol And me seeing the spider:its fake lol

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  • that expensive bag just got rip off!

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  • I hardly laughs when the ghost said that so I'm grateful 🤣

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    • @RBLX Gamer ma f

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    • @RBLX Gamer ohhh 😅

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    • It said so ungrateful but okay

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    • @Nicole Hardrathohhh 😮. But i thought that it was the ring ghost 👻

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    • The name is bloody Mary

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